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Rental Application

Our Application Process is a multiple step process:

  1. At first contact we will send you a short application.    This can be sent back as a PDF or images.
  2. Second if the short application is approved then we schedule a time for you to see the property.
  3. Once you have seen the property and wish to proceed then we will send you a link through Rentler for an on-line application.   This application is managed through Rentler and  you would need to work with Rentler on any issues getting the application submitted.    Rentler  charges a fee to do the application.      The Rentler Application performs a detailed credit check and background check.   The website is www.rentler.com

The owners of the properties will evaluate all of the applications and make the final decision on renting the property.    Once you have been approved by the owner of the property you will be notified and a lease will be generated.    Timely submission of deposit is required in order to secure the rental.    


  • Clients building with Legacy Premier Homes, Inc. have the first opportunity for rentals.   Properties are only marketed for rent when a Legacy Premier Home, Inc. does not need the property.
  • When a property is marketed it will have many people applying and looking at that property.    Submitting information in a timely fashion is very important to renting the property.     Submitting an an application does not hold a property.

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