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Landlord Home Maintenance

If you have an issue with the home send an email to  maintenance@legacyhomerentals.com .    Provide the address, a description of the issue, your contact number and times when you will be available.     

If you have an issue with your Heating and Cooling System - Call 256-262-1946 (J & R Sheet Metal, Inc.).   If after hours or weekend call the emergency number on the recording and leave a message.  They will contact you to schedule a time to come out. 

If you have an emergency situation involving water leaks or requiring power or water to be turned off - please send the email and call 256-232-4490.   Listen for the prompts to reach your specific landlord.


If your home has tile, we recommend cleaning it with vinegar and water.   If you home has hardwood, we recommend cleaning with Bona hardwood cleaner (this is a PH neutral cleaner).  Using other cleaners can damage the wood.

Yard Maintenance

Most of the homes are in restricted neighborhoods so you are responsible for keeping the yard in good shape.   This includes keeping the grass cut and trimmed, keeping the flower beds free of weeds and periodic trimming of the shrubs.   If the sod in your yard develops a weed problem then you will need to contact a lawn maintenance service to get the lawn treated.    

Monthly House Maintenance

Once a month please change the HVAC air filter.    This will help the heating and cooling systems last longer and improve the air quality in your home.

Winter Maintenance

When cold weather gets here make sure to disconnect all outside hoses.   During very cold weather (below 20 degrees) we recommend letting your hot water drip.   This is mandatory on tankless outside water heaters to keep them from freezing.

Yearly House Maintenance

Once a year you will be contacted by the termite company to inspect the home for termites.   It is your responsibility to coordinate a time to allow them to inspect the home.

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